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St. Mayhem Wine

Wine Geek Breakfast

Wine Geek Breakfast

St. Mayhem Wine Wine Geek Breakfast - Art+Farm Wine
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We used 2013 Mendocino Merlot to brew a batch of Ritual Roasters "El Angel" Costa Rican Coffee - that's right, we used Merlot instead of water to make the coffee. After brewing, we aged the wine on fresh cut Jalapeños. The Merlot is elegant with plum and blackberry flavors that are enhanced by the rich coffee. The Jalapeño brightens the bold coffee flavors and adds a delicate warmth from the spice. Serve Cool.

  • Appellation Wine: Mendocino, Coffee: Costa Rica
  • Release Date June 29, 2015
  • Alcohol 14.3%
  • Production 200 cases