Making a Case - My Zin

6 x 750ml My Zin

6 x 750ml My Zin

Making a Case - My Zin 6 x 750ml My Zin - Art+Farm Wine
$79.00 each
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Affectionately dubbed "My Zin", this is another wine in our unlabeled, for personal customers only series. 108 bottles available. We are offering this Zinfandel in 6 bottle cases for $79 including delivery.

Zinfandel is complex, juicy, bold and delicious. Aromas of black and blue berries leap from the glass and your mouth is filled with juicy strawberry notes wrapped in a glove of spicy velvet. Zinfandel is sometimes mis-understood, thought of as the big, dumb jock of wines. But don’t be fooled – this jock also writes poetry, goes to an Ivy League school and is the epitome of the Renaissance man.

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