the girls ROSÉ

4 x 250ml Cans

4 x 250ml Cans

the girls ROSÉ 4 x 250ml Cans - Art+Farm Wine
$24.00 each
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About the wine . . . 

This may be the most offensive thing you have ever tasted. It may also blow your mind. Either way you have to taste the girls Rose. We steeped this wine in Raspberries, Spearmint Leaves and Matcha Tea. Real ingredients, not flavorings.

About the can . . . 

Number one is you can't taste the can. Then, think of the possibilities:

- any outdoor activity

- smuggle into a movie theater

- keep in fridge so you don't have to open a full bottle
- afternoon kids soccer game

- btw 3 cans is a full bottle - bigger than they look

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