Making a Case - 2014 The Field Blend

the girls in the vineyard 12 x 750ml Bottles

the girls in the vineyard 12 x 750ml Bottles

Making a Case - 2014 The Field Blend the girls in the vineyard 12 x 750ml Bottles - Art+Farm Wine
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I tried the wine and loved it. The vintage is from 2014 — older for a white wine at this price range — and yet The Field Blend showed remarkable freshness, fruitiness, energy and balance. The ageability equates to good structure and acidity. The deepening color . . .  is a “wedding band” yellow gold.
- extracted from an article by Jim Campinini, writer for The Boston Herald and published Jan 1, 2020

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Some words about the girls:
Under the guidance of famed viticulturist Steve Matthiasson, The Windmill Vineyard in Dunnigan Hills was planted to four white Rhone varietals, with the intention of producing a true Field Blend. The fruit was whole bunch pressed and then fermented in neutral French oak. Each individual barrel was left unstirred to age sur lie until bottling in March 2015.

A girl's eye view:
The Windmill Vineyard, like most of the Dunnigan Hills AVA, is lovely, rolling hills with gentle breezes and a Mediterranean climate that is the envy of most. Freezing is seldom a concern for these girls and long, warm days allow for even ripening and an abundance of flavors to develop.

What the girls look like:
The color is golden and looks like the flesh of a ripe green apple. Along the edges a straw colored hue bounces against the light.

What the girls smell like:
An intoxicating bouquet of summer flowers with ripe apricot and honey. If your nose lingers a bit longer you will pick up citrus and a blush of herbal tea.

What the girls feel like:
Remember your first love...exciting, enchanting and endless possibilities? This wine feels new and different after each swallow.  Just when you think you have it figured will delight you with something new. Hold it in your mouth and feel it tickle and change to a finish that is long and elegant.

What the girls taste like:
Lemon and mineral, apricot and peach, orange blossom and spice.

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