6 Pack -2019 Pinot Grigio

the girls in the vineyard

the girls in the vineyard

6 Pack -2019 Pinot Grigio the girls in the vineyard - Art+Farm Wine
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Call it Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris… we couldn't care less… It is delicious by any name.
Honeysuckle and citrus with a pinch of apple will jump out before you've finished your first sip. There
is enough minerality to make it interesting without feeling like you just licked a river rock. (You know
you did that as a kid, you can admit it. We are all friends here.) The mouth-watering freshness brings
with it secondary characteristics of honeyed melon and a touch of spice on the finish.
Don’t take our word for it… try it for yourself. If you don’t find yourself reaching for a second glass
then… we will lick those river rocks. It’s a bet, do we have a deal?

100% Pinot Grigio
100% 2019 vintage
Alcohol 12.9%

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