2018 Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon



2018 Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 11*14 - Art+Farm Wine
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11*14 began in a small Napa vineyard we once called home and has grown to include a selection of our favorite AVA's within Napa. Each of these smaller sub regions of Napa are guarded fiercely and promoted by their resident growers & winemakers. For good reason too as each one has its own distinctive characters.

This wine highlights Oakville, the internationally celebrated region right in the heart of the valley. This region makes us think of brawny, powerful, expansive and sumptuous wines. This bottle is no exception.

From a grape growing and wine making perspective, 2018 was a fairy tale vintage with a good size crop, excellent quality and very little of the gray hair inducing stress that we allow for.  This wine is powerful and sumptuous with vibrant aromatics and very fine tannins.  A joyous expression of Oakville's phenomenal pedigree.

As is typical of the 11*14 style, this wine can be enjoyed in its youth with the abundance of wonderful fruit flavors and subtle French oak spice.  Or you can tuck the wine away and savor the developing complexities over time.

69% of this wine was matured in new French Oak, 31% in 1 year old French Oak. The total time in oak was 16 months.

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