2018 Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

The Messenger

The Messenger

2018 Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon The Messenger - Art+Farm Wine
$90.00 each
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When you live and work in the Napa Valley you are surrounded by iconic vineyards, iconic wines and iconic people. One of those venerable locations is a spot of that sits at 38°26’13”N 122°24’4”W, roughly 1.3 square miles and situated in the middle of the valley - OAKVILLE Less than 100 people live in Oakville, but that’s ok - More room for iconic vineyards.

Lush, yet refined. Elegant, yet rustic. How do these opposites exist together? Open a bottle and find out.

2018 was a delightfully 'easy' year to grow grapes and make wine.  A good sized crop, moderate temperatures and an absence of natural disasters allowed us to make this fantastic wine. Tempting to drink soon with lashings of youthful exuberance and fresh fruit, it will also mature beautifully in the bottle over the next decade.  69% of this wine was matured in new French Oak and 31% in 1 year old French Oak. The total time in oak was 16 months.

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